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      New products are listed on the site for the Airforce Texan ! Caliber change kits,  swap any Texan to any caliber from .257 thru .50 cal ! Yes a 50 cal ! Currently.257 and .308 are available to order,  pics and details will be up in a few days bigger calibers available in March .4500 psi super valve for all caliber Texans are available.

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Wild hog shot with .357 airbolt from a Texan

4,500 psi texan youth deer hunt

Airgun fishing , Lethal Air style!!

Maine bear hunt 2018

Full video coming soon , Lethal Air tags the first ever Black bear in Maine with an Airgun

Target shooting in the dark with the FX Wildcat.30 MKII and the ATN 4K optic


29.11.2017 17:02


please send me info on 45 cal 4500 psi upgrade and other upgrade parts for the airforce

30.11.2017 04:53


Hi Stephen send me an email to and I will send you some info thanks !

29.11.2017 01:42


I would like to order the power tune kit for the dragon claw, but I don't see it on your website .how can I get it and how much is it.

29.11.2017 03:48


Hi Jodie , please send me your email to and I will send you the info you requested thanks !

24.11.2017 02:56


Will the 909 sam yang kit work on the dragon claw. 50.i think it will ,just want to make sure.

27.11.2017 13:24


Hi Jodie we have kits specifically for the dragon claws